When to Ditch Your “Website Guy” and Use Professional Website Development by Grofire

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In this world of side gigs and freelancing, we now have a “guy” or “gal” who can tackle almost any problem that we have. Does this sound familiar?

Need your car fixed?

You know a car guy.

Need help with your taxes?

Your spouse knows a tax prep gal.

Toilet backed up?

Your sister’s college roommate’s brother’s uncle’s best friend from elementary school is a great plumbing guy.

OK, that last one was a little far-reaching, but you get the picture. Everyone is good at something and website building is no different. Your web guy/gal can really know his/her stuff. They came highly recommended, were not expensive, and when you talk to them, they sound like they understand all the ins and outs of building a website. Sometimes, they spout off statistics and use an intimidating vocabulary full of terms like – CSS, HTML, or SSL that sounds like a bad children’s alphabet book.

What’s the Grofire difference? What can Grofire do that my web guy/gal can’t?

Nothing against your buddy, neighbor, nephew, but this is all that we do. Because of that, we are up-to-speed on all the current trends, Google algorithms, and the current best practices of search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO. As there are millions out websites out there, search engines, i.e. Google, are always refining the ways that information is delivered as a search result. Grofire prides itself on remaining relevant with the latest practices.

What many people don’t know is that if you or your well-intentioned, but under informed pal makes mistakes in SEO practices, it can result in serious consequences for your site. Google can and will penalize sites that do not practice proper SEO techniques. Common mistakes in SEO can include keyword stuffing and irrelevant cross linking. While Google will not penalize a site for one or two mistakes, multiple mistakes can cause your site to not show up in search results. It will be accessible to visitors when typing in a direct URL but won’t show if searched for by keywords. This can be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

To best help our clients, Grofire offers a full suite of services to help businesses meet their goals. Not only do our clients enjoy having a one-of-a-kind website, but we offer them a variety of tools to help them grow, enhance their local customer base, and build their brand with content creation and marketing.

Many of our clients come to us when they’ve outgrown their own skill set and need help taking their business to greater audiences. Some of them have done the initial groundwork of setting up a website. They’ve printed some business cards, and wait for people to find their business, sometimes without many returns on their initial website building investment.

If you are at this point, please contact us for more information to explore how Grofire can help you.Search Engine Optimization, web design

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