Web Design Trends Expected to Grow in 2020

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As the internet has evolved, there have been several design trends that have as well. 2019 trends included using more gradients, video headers, and bold fonts. But, do you know what is poised to become a trend as we enter another decade? We’ve examined the latest trends and selected some that are likely to continue to be relevant in the next year. Building on the trends of the past, those of 2020 focus on a friendly user interface (UI), mobile responsive design, and minimalism. 

Mobile responsiveness is king 

User interface and mobile responsive layouts are the key to a successful website. While there are many ways to make your site look great, it is critical that it perform smoothly and intuitively for your visitors. By keeping this at the forefront, you can better plan for your message. It is estimated that nearly 75 percent of the population access the internet primarily from their mobile device. As such, making sure that your site is mobile responsive, and all your elements are mobile-friendly are critical in your site planning and design. One of the more popular choices for web design a few years ago was sliders. While this remains an effective way to share larger amounts of content efficiently, some sliders display poorly on mobile devices. 

Bold colors and fonts 

Bold colors have been a growing trend for the last few years. This is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Now, we don’t mean doing your entire site so that it looks like the Color Rush Thursday Night Football or the Oregon Ducks with their extremely bright home uniforms. Sorry, Ducks, but even you must admit that some forms of your uniform look like neon yellow highlighters running around. 

When you select your header font, try fonts that don’t have a serif and display well in bold typeface. You can use all caps or even all lowercase as a stylistic choice for your header. Don’t crowd your header area with too much information as it can detract from your initial message. 

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