Top 10 Social Sites & Why Facebook Advertising is so Important for Your Business

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In less than 20 years, social media has taken the world by storm. The first recognizable social media site was Six Degrees that got its start in 1997. Six Degrees didn’t last long, only 3-4 years but it did help spring board the idea of personal social media profiles and creating groups and friend connections, which Facebook was ultimately able to master. Now there are dozens of top social media sites. Here is a list of the top 10:


  1. Facebook
  • Around 1 billion unique monthly visitors
  • Alexa Rank of 2, meaning it is the 2nd most trafficked website in the world with only Google getting more traffic
  • 72% of adult internet users in the US use Facebook (Pew research)
  1. Instagram
  • Just over 400,000,000 unique monthly users
  • Alexa rank of 36
  1. Twitter
  • Around 300,000,000 unique monthly users
  • Alexa rank of 8
  1. LinkedIn
  • Around 250,000,000 unique monthly users
  • Alexa rank of 9
  • Most popular amongst ages 30-49
  1. Pinterest
  • Around 250,000,000 unique monthly users
  • Alexa rank of 26
  • 70% Women
  1. Google+
  • Similar platform to Facebook but for businesses it integrates Local SEO with the Google local listing
  • Around 120,000,000 unique monthly users
  1. Tumblr
  • Blogging, Video Sharing, Photo sharing site
  • Around 110,000,000 unique monthly users
  • Alexa rank of 34
  1. VK
  • Largest European Social Media network
  • Around 100,000,000 active users
  • Alexa rank of 21
  1. Flickr
  • Photo sharing site
  • Around 70,000,000 unique monthly users
  • Alexa rank of 91
  1. Vine
  • Video sharing site
  • Around 45,000,000 unique monthly users
  • Alexa rank of 1,172


Now that we’ve shared the top 10 social media sites, let’s talk about how your business can benefit from social media. Research in a recent BIA/Kelsey report suggests that the social ad market may reach $11 billion by 2017, up from $4.7 billion in 2012. Social media advertising is here to stay and growing like crazy.


With around 1 billion unique monthly users, Facebook is still the predominant social media site. If there was a freeway on the internet, it would definitely be Facebook; and the big question is: how big is your billboard and how many billboards do you have? Whether you’re a small, midsized or enterprise-sized company, there are huge opportunities. You need to be in the social media advertising game. With all the data Facebook has been gathering, a business can run a highly targeted Facebook advertising campaign. You can target age ranges, zip codes, gender, interests, income levels, and so much more. More than ever before, you can have an advertising campaign that is going after your specific target.


The best way to run a Facebook advertising campaign is to have several ads that you can A/B test and a landing page (aka splash page) specific to what you’re promoting in your ads. This way when someone clicks on your ad, your landing page is focused on what your ad promoted. A landing page should be mobile-friendly with strong calls to action; getting the visitor to call or fill out a form, or in some cases make the purchase on the spot. Including a call tracking number on your landing page is another suggestion that will help you track the success of your campaign. If you have multiple things you want to promote, it may be best to have separate ads and unique landing pages for each ad set. This will drastically improve your conversion rate.


If you have a strong creative side, and understanding of how to create landing pages and enough time to properly manage your Facebook advertising campaign then this is something you can manage yourself. Most businesses lack in these 3 areas so if that’s you, don’t let it stop you from advertising on Facebook. Call and talk to us at GroFire and we’ll explain our service and show you how we can help you maximize your facebook advertising opportunities.


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