Tips for Running a Retargeting Campaign

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Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. This helps your company stay on the minds of your potential customers even after they have left your website. We at GroFire can help you to come up with an effective Retargeting Campaign that is unique to your product and business. Below are some tips that we apply when creating an effective Retargeting Ad Campaign.


Using Frequency Caps

One or two visits to your website doesn’t mean prospects want to start seeing your ads everywhere they browse. Overexposure quickly results in decreased campaign performance, which is why it’s almost always advisable to use a frequency cap. A frequency cap will limit the number of times a tagged user will see your ads and will prevent potential customers from feeling overwhelmed. Be strategic with how and when you serve ads, and take into consideration that not every website visitor will be at the same point in their purchase journey.


Demographic, Geographic, & Contextual Targeting

Targeting gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your ad placements, ensuring greater relevancy and increasing ad performance. Advertisements can be targeted based on demographic information, like age or gender, contextual factors like subject matter of the website, or geographic data. When you target your ads with consideration for demographic, geographic, and contextual variables, you don’t waste valuable impressions on people who aren’t relevant to your campaign. That is why we at GroFire make your Retargeting Ad unique and working for your particular business and product.


Segmenting your Audience

Audience segmentation allows you to tailor ad messages to users in different stages of the purchase funnel. The process is simple: you place different retargeting pixels on different pages of your site, and then tailor creatives based on the depth of engagement of each user. When a visitor comes to your main page, you can target them with creatives that communicate general brand awareness. If they looked at your product page, you can serve them with more specific ads around your product offerings.


For more information regarding Retargeting Ad Campaigns and how GroFire can help you make sure you give us a call or check out our website.


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