So You Bought a Domain, Now What?

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There is a common misconception about the relative ease to building a successful website and driving traffic, creating customers, and making money from said site. While most people are aware that just “building a website” is no guarantee to making millions overnight, there remains almost a mystical quality to the entire process that eludes even the most business savvy individual. You would never self-diagnose a medical condition, so why do you try and create a website without some expert guidance?

Build it right and keep it simple

Once upon an internet ago, I stumbled on a site that was put together with all of the big “no-no” moves of website design. It was horrible! The webmaster was trying to illustrate how not to put your site together and he succeeded terrifically. It looked like McDonald’s ketchup and mustard had a love child, the site blared loud music on every page, had flashing graphics, etc. If it was obnoxious, he had put it up onsite.

As the web has evolved, so have the tools to create a site. Did you ever notice that many sites look similar and have navigation devices that are predictable? This is by design, and rather than people being bored or turned off of your site, they are comfortable with it. When people come across a site that is wildly different than that to which they are accustomed, they feel like someone came into their home and rearranged the furniture overnight.

Know when to avoid tech for tech’s sake

This is not to say that every site should be a clone of each other, but there should be menus, headers, and an easy-to-use navigation for your website. Just because you can have a bunch of flashy tech-y things, doesn’t mean that you need to, especially if these do not tell your story. If you simply don’t know where to start, consider hiring a professional to help with your website development and design.

Design a marketing plan

After your site is live, the real work begins. Essentially, your shiny new website is pretty useless if you don’t draw traffic. What do you want to accomplish? Are you selling items on your site or announcing your latest information? Is your company going to use Google ads or social media to draw new visitors?

Depending on your specific goals, your marketing plan will vary greatly. Some companies find that advertising their business with pay-per-click advertising is a great start. Doing so on your own can result in a less-than-effective plan since the intricacies of finding the proper keyword phrases to target in your campaigns can be quite challenging for a novice.

If you are struggling with being found on the web, no matter what stage you are at with your website, contact Grofire. We’ve got the experience that you need for all stages of web development, marketing, and maintenance.

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