Set Up A Facebook Business Manager Account in 4 Easy Steps

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Whether we are managing your Facebook page, or you’re managing your own page, you should consider setting up a Business Manager account. Facebook created this platform to help business owners simplify their Facebook page management. From the business manager, you can easily find page stats, view post engagement, & add employees as users on your business page.

The setup is easy, just log in to your personal Facebook page, & go to Scroll to the bottom of the page, & click “Get Started.”


1)  Brief summary of who should use the business manager

You will be directed to the page pictured below. This page explains that you will want someone that primarily uses the business page, to set up the business manager account. Typically, this would be an owner, or someone that is unlikely to leave the company. Each business manager account has one primary business page , so getting access after the person leaves the company will be difficult.



2)  Enter Business Info

On the next step, you’ll be asked some basic info about your business. This step should only take a few seconds to complete. Once you’ve finished that, click next.



4)  Select a business page to link with Business manager.

Next, you’ll need to type your business name, & select the business page that you want linked with your business manager account.



5)  Enter manager profile information.

You’re almost done! The last step requires your profile information. This will be the info that you use to log in to your business manager.


Your business manager setup is complete! Now you can organize all of your Facebook business assets with ease. If you have questions, our team would love to hear from you!


Need to know how to add new users to your business manager? Click here!

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