Prospective Customers Look at Your Reviews – Are They Getting the Right Picture?

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Just having an amazing website is not enough in today’s business landscape. During the last decade or so, an entire branch of marketing professional has risen, utilizing various digital marketing techniques. The growing list of services offered by digital marketers include SEO, ad management, Google pay-per-click monitoring, social media ad and account management, and reputation and review management services, to name a few.

Experienced and individualized digital marketing

GroFire has leveraged these tools to create significant growth for all types of businesses, both those who are near our headquarters in Utah Valley to those who are a few thousand miles away. Because of a combination of our combined experience and longevity through multiple shifts in digital marketing techniques, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients an individualized package, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Online review sites – are they driving business your way – or away?

Since one of the most common ways that people find a business is a quick search on their mobile device, online reviews have become your first impression – whether you like it or not. In the absence of a personal recommendation or prior experience with your company, when people search for a local service, they receive a few recommendations on Google. These results display your company’s basic information as well as a snapshot of the number of reviews you’ve had as well as your average rating. Potential customers use this rating to determine which company to visit with a weight like that of a personal recommendation.

When asked in an independent survey, many customers stated that most of the time that they didn’t do exhaustive research into a company and rely on its star rating and reviews to decide nearly 85 percent of the time.

Have you looked at your online reviews lately?

One of the easiest ways to determine if your online reputation needs work is by searching your company and looking at your reviews. Are there negative reviews that you have received and not responded to in some way publicly? Do you have clusters of reviews and gaps between them – positive or negative? These issues can directly influence how customers view your company.

If you need help building your online reputation via local reviews, please contact GroFire for an informative and free consultation about your online reputation and marketing goals.

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