Facebook goes local with Local Awareness Ads

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Facebook introduced a new ad category to their arsenal this month with their new product, Local Awareness Ads.  If you are a small business who depends on clientele that lives close to your location, this new feature could be very useful to your business.  In this post we will discuss what the ads are, and how they can help small businesses market their product.


What are Local Awareness Ads?



Local Awareness ads allow marketers to target people in a specific geographic area.  The ads are designed to help drive foot traffic to small businesses.  These ads will show up on desktops and mobile devices.  An example of who could use these ads would be a barber shop who wants to target individuals who live within 5 miles of the barber shop.  The barber could select the five mile radius and the ad would only show up in the feed of individuals that live within that area.  The ads can be setup quickly and can make an immediate impact for the small business owner.


What these new Ads can do for the small business owner?


Many want to know how these new ads can help a local business owner.  Small business’ rely on local business to keep their doors open.  One problem they have is the ups and downs of the different business cycles.  One benefit of Local awareness ads are that they can be created and applied relatively quickly.  This helps small businesses ability to adjust to changing demand.  When a small business is slow, it is imperative that they get customers to help bring in revenue.  Most small businesses fail because of cash flow and Local ads through Facebook can help smooth out cash flow issues.  As a small business owner, having the ability to instantly get a special out to individuals in an area, is a big deal.  So the biggest impact would be quickly getting your marketing message out to potential customers.


Don’t hesitate, take action!


If you are finding yourself hesitating at trying new marketing options, we can help.  One of our Social Media Marketing Specialists can help you develop a plan of attack that will help you get the results you need.  Give us a call at 801-794-0020 and we can answer any questions you may have.

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