Do your Google Reviews Help with your Map Rankings?

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Try doing a basic search of your business. What comes up? Does your business rise to the top of the search or are you having to scroll through different businesses to find yours. Does your business show up on the map rankings? If your business is a little hard to find you are likely losing your customer prospects. To help you in boosting your ranking on google we at GroFire highly recommend getting reviews. Yes, reviews. While it might not seem relevant when it comes to your google ranking, your reviews actually play a big part in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. Listed below are just some of the reasons why and how your reviews help your map rankings.


Gives your Business Prominence

What Google means by “prominence” is how well-known a business is, particularly in the offline world. Prominence is also determined by how much Google knows about a business from around the web, including links, articles, directory listings, and online reviews. The more google can find about your business the higher your ranking will be. That is why it is critical to get as many positive reviews correlating with your business as possible.


Stay Relevant

Google’s primary goal is to serve up the most relevant content or the most relevant business based on the consumers search terms. To ensure that your business is served up during relevant searches, you will want to make sure all of your listings are up-to-date and the information and descriptions include all of the keywords that are trending in your industry. Grabbing a recent review is the best way to bump your relevancy to the top.


Provides Awareness

Online reviews are where consumers go to learn about new products and businesses. Once online searchers find your business, your star rating and number of reviews will have a huge impact on whether or not the individual will click on your listing to learn more. Businesses with a higher rating are more attractive. People rely more on what their peers have to say about a product before they venture to actually using/ buying your goods and services. The higher your ranking the more likely you will be explored by potential clientele.



Where someone searches from plays a huge role in local search and is something that you can’t control. Google wants to serve up the most relevant businesses that are in close proximity to the person conducting the research. The closer you are to your customer’s location, the higher your map ranking will be.


If you find all of this a little too comprehend you can rely on us at GroFire to help you through the process. We have found a great and easy to use review tool for you to use when it comes to tackling those reviews and getting your business to the top.  Check it out at

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