Defining Your Website Marketing Strategy

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You’re starting a new business and you’re going through the (many) steps needed to get going. You’ve got paperwork filed, business plan written, have business cards to hand out, website made, and your product or service is ready to go, right? So, where are your customers anyway? All your market research into your target demographic suggested that people would love to have your do-dad or thingamajig, but it’s not happening. What did you do wrong? 

Thing is – maybe nothing at all. Starting a business takes grit and patience. When you are just starting, you need to remember that you are a tiny fish in an ocean of websites. There are several techniques that can help you get found more easily, but the path to this comes with several speed bumps and navigating these can be challenging if you have never travelled on this road before. 

Many people have assumed that if they put their do-dad online that traffic (and customers) will come automatically. In order to get customers into your sales funnel, you need them to find you. Here’s where it gets a bit more complicated. Start by looking for your competition and see what they have. Make notes of the terms that you use to find them in an internet search.  

When you think of your product or service, what five terms come to mind immediately?  

What would your customers need to search to find you?  

How many competitors do you have online that appear in search results? 

What do you want your image to be? (dependable, exciting, fresh, etc.) 

Understanding your brand and desired image or message can help you target your demographic audience while speaking their language and addressing their needs. If you notice a theme in your competitors’ messages, consider how effective it is at solving a customer’s problem or meeting their need.  

Here’s the hard part – be honest with yourself and see if your product’s message gives an added value to that of your competition. If not, what can you do to set yourself apart? 

For many, the answer to this question comes with marketing and using your website as your primary marketing tool. Remember those terms that you jotted down earlier? Here’s where they get into play and how you will use them. These phrases, commonly known as keywords, are those that you will need to use on your web pages so that the mystical bots can find you and put your listing into search engine results so that your customers can find you. 

You want to make sure that your website not only looks great but performs well using the latest technology and techniques of web design. For many, this means that you outsource your website’s management and design to another 

When you are selecting someone to manage your site, you can hire someone to do web design work as well as social media, marketing, or Google Ads, and SEO. Outsourcing your website can give you time to do what you love best – building your business. 

Whether you are just starting off or have been in business for years, GroFire can help you strengthen your brand and boost your business. Call for a free consultation today! 

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