Is your business information accurate?

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SEO is the practice of improving the visibility of your website within search rankings of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Local SEO takes the important information about your business and aligns them with the corresponding website. We at GroFire want to help you and your business reach its ultimate potential with the use of Local SEO. That is why we want to give you an insight on the importance of using Local SEO and having accurate business information linked to all of the major listing sites.


Your local customers are more likely to use your Yelp page, Facebook page and local Google+ as their means to find the answer to their problem. Optimization of each of your profiles contributes to your overall local SEO profile. Major search engines see your use of consistent information across these platforms as a strong ranking factor for their search results. The more consistent your information, the more likely your business will be featured on the first page of the major search engine websites.


We cannot stress enough the importance of having up to date information when it comes to local SEO. Accurate contact and locational information has always been a component of SEO, and its importance rose after the most recent change to Google’s local search ranking algorithms in late 2014. They have made it so only the most accurate and reliable information will be shown first because your customers have shown that having this information listed first is most important to them. It’s not enough to make sure the number, address and phone information is correct, it also needs to be completely consistent across all websites and platforms. Small differences can cause problems and reduce local SEO optimization effectiveness.


Keeping all of your business information and current services being offered by your business can be a daunting task to do on your own. That is why we at GroFire can manage your websites information for you. We can help you to make sure your information is up to date and current in all aspects regarding your business. We also have the means of providing methods to boost Local SEO hits with the help of our content writers. We want to help you in making your business successful. Call us today to learn more about what we do here at GroFire and how we can help you achieve the goals you have set forth with your business.

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