Benefits of the GroFire Reviews/Survey Tool

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After working with our talented team of web designers you now have a fully functional website for your business. This opens up the world to the product and services you provide. We at GroFire want you to get the most out of your new website, and that is why we have created the Review/Survey Tool for you to use in correlation with your website.


Over 90% of consumers read online reviews. They look for quantity of reviews, the average star rating, and if your business has recent reviews. As a business owner you know it can be hard to get your consumers to give you a review, even if they had a great experience. Our Review/Survey Tool can help you to encourage your customers to give your business a review.  With our tool, your business can send a request, and your customer can be right at the star rating section of the selected review site within seconds.


Our Review/Survey tool comes equipped with a lot of valuable features to make it easy to use for you and your consumer. Such features include:


  • Send Requests via Text and/or Email

We give you options to maximize your conversion rate. Send your review requests in an email, or directly to your client’s cell phone via text messaging.


  • Filter Page

Give your unhappy clients a way to give you feedback without posting a negative review online.


  • Survey Option

Our Survey Tool allows you to send surveys to your clients so they can provide valuable feedback about their experience with your company. This will keep your employees on their toes and will help you to see what you can do improve overall customer satisfaction.


  • Bulk Send Option

If you prefer to send out several review and survey requests at the end of each day, Use the Bulk Send to save time.


  • Unlimited Users

Let us set up multiple users on your account so you can get the whole team helping send your review and survey requests.


  • Web Based and App Options

So simple to use. You can log-in to your account online, or use our easy-to-use app right from your phone or other mobile device.


If you find your business is struggling to be proactive in receiving current reviews, high average ratings, or a high number of reviews, this is the tool you need to implement into your marketing strategy. To help you further we have put together a step-by-step instructional video for you to watch on how to use our Review/Survey Tool. Click the Link below and/or give us a call to help you get started today!

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